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Orgone Chair
Orgone Chair
Orgone Chair
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Orgone Chair

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The Orgone Chair is a progression from Marc’s Lockheed Lounge and reflects Marc’s desire to find a way to work with aluminium in a fluid form as well as his ongoing investigation of new production methods and processes.

“Subconsciously, I think I started leaving holes and spaces because it seemed such a shame to cover up some very high-quality manufacturing and finishing. Both the interior and the exterior of the work merge together creating a fluid and utile object with a liminal space that draws the outer surface inside and vice versa: there is an interstice where the interior voids become the exterior legs. I do like the idea of creating negative space within forms.”

The Orgone Chair, along with the Orgone Stretch Lounge, Event Horizon Table and the Alufelt Chair, was shown at the ‘Wormhole’ exhibition, Marc’s first solo show in Milan, during the furniture fair of 1994.

Pod/Marc Newson Edition of 6 + 2 artist’s proofs.


Marc Newson Edition





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