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MN Series eFoil
MN Series eFoil
MN Series eFoil
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MN Series eFoil

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The MN Series for the pioneering, Australian company Flite is Marc’s evolution of the eFoil, an electric hydrofoil that allows users to glide over the water on a board supported by a mast. Driven by the necessary technical constraints of eFoil technology, Marc’s design focuses on streamlining the functionality and manufacturing processes to create a product with increased strength and stiffness, and reduced drag. Marc explains “the premise of the MN Series is that it’s designed with ambition for higher performance, using the most refined materials.”

Weighing less than 20 kg, the MN Series is the world’s lightest eFoil. The monobloc construction of the high-modulus, pre-preg carbon fibre board, together with the mast and fuselage system, reduces assembly and joins, in turn making the board lighter. The board is reduced in size from Flite’s other offerings, further decreasing weight. The eFoil features titanium accents on its front wing and board, another lightweight, hardwearing, and anti-corrosive material to safeguard the board from salt water.

Marc also redesigned the hand controller which features a circular display and improved interface for intuitive use.

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Key materials

Carbon fibre


Muse Award 2023