Marc Newson

Low Voronoi Shelf
Carbon Fiber Chair
Extruded Table 3

Gagosian Exhibition

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Following his acclaimed exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in New York, Marc was asked to create three new variations based on the established themes to be shown at their London gallery.

Marc’s approach was again an experimental exercise in extreme structure and advanced technologies, combined with a highly tactile and exacting exploration of materials, processes, and skills. As before, each work was conceived and meticulously crafted in a seamless piece of material. Extruded Table 3 was a startling evolution from the preceding Extruded Tables, where the open-ribbon form becomes an unbroken line with no beginning and no end. The dynamics of its streamlined silhouette are further emphasised by the natural grey/white striations of the marble. Low Voronoi Shelf was directly inspired by its more monumental forbear Voronoi Shelf, but reconceived as a useful surface rather than a purely sculptural object. With the Carbon Fibre Chair, Marc explored an existing model in terms of a radically different material. In doing so, the highly reflective, ‘liquid’ yet weighty Nickel Chair morphs into its polar opposite: a darkly absorptive, light-weight form.

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