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IWA Sake

IWA Sake

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IWA is a new sake from Japan created by former Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave, Richard Geoffroy. Born of a profound respect for tradition paired with the constant need to experiment, IWA is contributing to a new craft of sake: its unique character is primarily achieved through the unprecedented act of blending. A constellation of passionate and creative minds, including Marc, brought IWA to life.

Richard, a long-time collaborator of Marc’s while at Dom Pérignon, invited Marc to design the bottle and glassware for IWA Sake. Marc created a matte black glass bottle, with the white glass logo, designed by Hidekei Nakajima in collaboration with calligrapher Mariko Kinoshita, fused onto the bottle itself. IWA’s logo is also etched into the glass at the punt of the bottle, and embossed onto the cap.

“I wanted the bottle to be refined, elegant and understated: a conversation between subtle parts that together create an impressive whole. The slight alterations on a classic sake bottle- the sloped shoulders, sealed cap and matte finish- will hopefully make the IWA bottle a classic.”





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