Marc Newson

Cloisonné Black Blossom Lounge
Cloisonné Black Blossom Lounge
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Marc Newson Exhibition Cloisonné Black Blossom Lounge

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In January 2019, Gagosian presented new works by Marc Newson. It was Marc’s first exhibition of limited-edition furniture pieces in more than a decade.

In another series of desks, chairs, and lounges, Marc employed Chinese cloisonné, an enamelling technique that dates to the thirteenth or fourteenth century. Made by hand in Beijing, the cloisonné works blur the boundary between sculpture, furniture, and ornament, like jewels expanded to the full scale of the body. Their patterns and motifs reveal Marc’s wide-ranging aesthetic influences: from his signature ‘orgone’ pattern to more traditional Chinese floral motifs, such as large magnolias on a white ground, or cherry blossom branches set against opaque black enamel.

Edition of 3 plus 2APs.





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