Marc Newson

Cast Glass Chair
Cast Glass Chair
Cast Glass Chair
Cast Glass Chair
Cast Glass Chair
Cast Glass Chair
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Marc Newson Exhibition Cast Glass Chair

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In January 2019, Gagosian presented new works by Marc Newson. It was Marc’s first exhibition of limited-edition furniture pieces in more than a decade.

Revisiting his roots as a jeweller and silversmith, in this exhibition Marc explored increasingly rare decorative techniques at an unconventionally large, even unprecedented, scale. His Cast Glass chairs, made in the Czech Republic, are continuous symmetrical forms comprised of two hollow quarter-spheres. The boldly coloured upper halves rest on clear bases, which absorb some of the reflected hues in their clouded interiors, an effect that subtly changes depending on the vantage point. 

Available in six colours: Blue, Violet, Charcoal, Green, Red and Dark Orange.

Each colour is an Edition of 3 plus 2APs.





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