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Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities
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Cabinet of Curiosities

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The Cabinet of Curiosities is Marc’s interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunk. Historically a travelling item with a specified purpose to contain and protect shoes, clothes and other belongings, Marc’s concept inverts this idea, instead offering a blank space for storing or displaying whatever the user likes.

While the traditional exterior of the piece was largely predetermined, Marc was given  carte blanche for the interior. This is the first Vuitton trunk engineered to allow for 180-degree opening, and once opened it features 19 leather cubes of three sizes. Each cube is removable, and the internal arrangement can be reconfigured over 1000 ways. The smallest cubes can be reversed and have a hinged door on one side, behind which objects can be concealed.

Each trunk is handmade in Louis Vuitton’s workshop in one of three colourways: VVN (natural) leather, yellow, and tricolour. Edition of 40.

“The Trunk is an object that retains incredible iconography. I wanted to reverse the context: it is not about the piece travelling, but the items displayed in the trunk having travelled and meaning something to you.”

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