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Alufelt Chair
Alufelt Chair
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Alufelt Chair

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The Alufelt Chair differs from the other pieces in the aluminium series as it is not a fully self-contained shape, having no tubular aspect, although it shares much of the same vocabulary.

Reworking his Felt Chair for the aluminium series offered Marc a chance to resolve the rear leg detail. He was happy with the Cappellini version of the leg, a simple steel tube, but felt it was ‘foreign’ to the chair (it had been an afterthought). Making the whole piece out of aluminium meant that, following the black hole theme, he could simply extrude the leg.

The Alufelt, along with the Event Horizon Table and the Orgone Chair and Stretch Lounge, was shown at the ‘Wormhole’ exhibition, Marc’s first solo show in Milan, during the furniture fair of 1994.

Pod/Marc Newson Edition of 6 + 2 Prototypes.


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